University of Marburg – Prof. Erik M. Müller

Current research topics in the lab

We are working on a wide range of topics, from research on the neurobiology and genetics of anxiety, depression and extraversion, over fear conditioning and extinction, to positive affectivity and error/feedback processing. You can find more information about our current projects on our lab website:

Which physiological or other methods are used? Which techniques can students learn there?

As a visiting student in our lab, you would be able to learn various psychophysiological methods. A strong focus of our work is the usage and development of EEG methods, especially the integration of EEG and other psychophysiological measures (brain-heart coupling, simultaneous EEG-fMRI recordings, electrodermal activity, genetics). Moreover, we are working on the transfer of psychophysiological findings from the lab to applications in the field, using mobile EEG systems. Furthermore, we are employing pharmacological and genetic approaches to understand neurobiological processes and neurotransmission in the human brain.

Requirements for an exchange? (knowledge, length of stay)

Any student who is interested in doing psychophysiological research is welcome! Some basic background knowledge with regard to the technique you want to work with is helpful. If you are interested in becoming a visiting member of our lab, contact us. We will talk about possible research projects, a suitable duration of your stay and hopefully find something you are looking for!

Funding possibilities by department?

Interested students are expected to bring their own funding to cover expenses. Under certain circumstances, students may be eligible for scholarships of the University of Marburg ( or the German Academic Exchange Service (

Contact information/go-to person

If you are interested, please contact Prof. Erik M. Mueller (

Information on city (housing, costs of living)

Our University has been welcoming international students and scholars for over 500 years. Marburg is a university town located in Hessen, in the middle of Germany. The big tradition and long history of our university will make you feel at home soon. In Marburg, you will be walking in the footsteps of great scientists like Emil von Behring, the first Nobel Prize winner in the world! Also, the Grimm brothers, whose stories are known all over the world, have studied in Marburg. Due to its central location within Germany and excellent railway connections, you can explore exciting German cities from here: Frankfurt (1 hour, closest airport), Cologne (2 hours), Leipzig (3 hours), or Berlin (4 hours). You should expect costs for accommodation between 250 and 400 Euro per moth – depending on whether you want to share your room or rent a single bedroom apartment. Depending on your lifestyle, you might want to plan additional costs of 200 to 400 Euro per month. Further information is available on the website of our International Office ( and in the following brochure: (English version at the end).