University of Kiel – Prof. Anja Leue

Current research topics in the lab

Individual differences of conflict and performance monitoring, working memory, fairness and decision making, legal psychology, reproducibility, meta-analysis

Which physiological or other methods are used? Which techniques can students learn there?

EEG, fMRI, eye-tracking in preparation; MATLAB, EEGlab-tools, SPSS

Requirements for an exchange? (knowledge, length of stay)

There are no strict rules on the duration of the stay or the required degree and skills. However, we advise a stay of at least two months or more, depending on the project. Some background knowledge of Presentation, MATLAB and/or EEGLAB, statistical software (e.g., SPSS) is advantageous.

Funding possibilities by department?

Interested students are expected to bring their own funding to cover expenses.

Contact information/go-to person

Prof. Dr. Anja Leue, University of Kiel, Germany,

Information on city (housing, costs of living)

Please find information on the University of Kiel at:
Information on living at the University of Kiel is given at: